While I still may not be able to answer why I am so obsessed with this one show, in particular, I did have something of an epiphany a few weeks ago regarding much of Joss Whedon’s work.   He is supremely effective at dealing with difficult and weighty subjects, BUT in the midst of it all, he is even more brilliant at reminding us that he never takes himself TOO seriously.  I will insert some examples later.  I wanted to get this thought down first.


I found myself watching Jessica Jones again tonight after a binge that resulted in me stopping on episode 10 and not wanting to move forward for a few months.  I’m not sure it’s right or fair that I sometimes compare the newer shows in the fantasy/horror genres I see to Buffy, but I do.  By doing this am I robbing myself of some greater enjoyment? Is the enjoyment I do feel muted somehow because of this? Are these always apples to oranges comparisons that I need to stop making? I still find Buffy by and large to be more compelling, more engaging – deeper.Buffy has a unique and powerful hold on me. I’m currently reading a book called “Why Buffy Matters” by Rhonda Wilcox, an English professor at Gordon State College.  I’m hoping that through this book and others like it, through this blog and the discussions I have with others that I will better understand why I am so obsessed with this show.  Oddly enough I don’t make this comparison with GOT.

Acting Bad

Some people claim I have blinders on when it comes to BTVS.  They say I’m blind to the occasional bad acting that pulls them out and damages their enjoyment of the show.   This may be true to an extent, but I’m far from blind to this.  I do believe though that some people carry around blinders of their own for other shows that , say, have a bigger budget and can afford flashier effects.  BTVS generally didn’t have a big budget – even in its prime. What has drawn me to Buffy from the beginning isn’t the acting, although I think there are some stellar examples of good acting in this show, rather it is the writing, the use of language and the depth this show often exhibits which can be glimpsed in the increasing complexity of its characters throughout its seven seasons (and beyond – thank you Dark Horse Comics).  BTVS intelligently and thoughtfully deals with issues of female agency, power, friendship, loss, fear, bravery, corruption,  redemption, forgiveness and mercy like no other show I’ve ever seen.  There are shows with better acting – although I might on occasion argue that it’s really the editing that’s better.

Welcome to MY Hellmouth

I’m working to understand why BtVS has had such a profound effect on me. This quest may ultimately lead to madness.  I’m hoping I can work through this issue via my own writings on this blog and perhaps through the help of others who either unwittingly stumble onto this site or are pulled here against their will.  🙂